Water Damage Repairs

Flooding and even excess moisture can cause rapid deterioration of the structures and possessions. Delaying with water damage repair services, you let the problem become more serious, as water becomes unsanitary and mold problem emerges. Immediate response to water damage, full water removal, and water repairs is necessary to prevent serious consequences.

Professional Restoration Services is an expert in water damage repairs. We provide professional water repairs services in both residential and commercial buildings located in the Raleigh, Cary NC Triangle area. We are available to you anytime 365 days a year including holidays. More than that, our trucks are completely stocked with drying equipment so that we are ready to go to the rescue the very minute we receive your call.

Water Damage

What to do Before a Water Cleanup Process Begins

Although calling professional water damage repair company is your best course of action, there are other steps you should better do immediately to minimize water damage:

  1. Think of how you can stop new water from coming. If you have a burst pipe, cut off the general water supply to your house. If your house is being flooded during a storm, removing debris from street drains in front of your house can help water escape before reaching your home. If your neighbors cause water damage, alert them and the housekeeper as soon as possible.   
  2. Turn off all electric appliances and make sure they are out of reach of the water.
  3. Move equipment and wooden furniture out of reach of the water; if possible, remove them to another floor or place them higher.
  4. If you deal with gray or black water that, that water is contaminated with chemical and dangerous toxins. You should stay away from the water or put personal protective equipment to remove the valuable items.

We appreciate that people often feel lost and confused when they face significant water damage. Do not worry if you cannot act promptly – once we arrive on site, we stabilize the situation by shutting off the water, cutting off electricity, moving furniture and contents. The First thing you should do is contact Professional Restoration Services.  

water damage repairs
water damage remediation

Water Damage Remediation Steps  

Water damage remediation is necessary to stabilize, clean and completely dry the areas affected by any level of water damage whether the damage is caused by a broken pipe, flooding or a ceiling water damage. All PRS water damage repairs technicians are insured and certified and follow the IICRC S500 industry standard.

Water damage repairs begin with water extraction using professional equipment. Then, it’s time for drying and dehumidification equipment to finish the drying process. We carefully monitor the drying process to ensure thorough and proper drying.

Another important step is an inspection of the affected area for mold. If the signs of mold growing are detected, immediate mold remediation services are needed to address the issue and save other surfaces from contamination with the nasty fungi.    

The following step in water damage repairs is doing repairs to restore the damaged structures and cleaning and sanitizing of personal possessions (furniture, carpets and other restorable items). Antimicrobial treatment and removal of odors may also be needed to sanitize everything affected by water damage.  

Professional Restoration to Pre-Water Damage Condition

Professional Restoration Services provide comprehensive water damage repairs services starting with the on-call supervisor’s evaluation of water damage and finishing with repairs to restore your home to the pre-water damage condition. For each project, we develop a custom mitigation plan, which we discuss with the property owner and insurance company. After completing all the necessary water damage repairs steps, our project manager prepares an estimate for your insurance adjuster.