Ceiling Water Damage

Many times after a storm or pipe break we may not immediately see signs of water damage in your home. With a slow leak, you may not see signs of water until you have ceiling water damage. With ceiling water damage some key signs to look for are;

  • Water stain or discoloration on your ceiling or wall
  • Sagging ceiling due to a collection of water in the ceiling
  • Soft or damp drywall that can easily be pushed in with one of your fingers

There are many ways Professional Restoration Services can help you identify where your water damage is coming from. One of the ways we can help identify where your ceiling water damage is come from is with our thermal camera that uses infrared technology to determine which areas of your home is wet through the walls and ceiling.

Once you have identified what the water source is, could be a pipe, HVAC, or roof, it has to be fixed and stopped before you can repair your ceiling water damage.

How To Repair Ceiling Water Damage

Once the water source has been stopped and fixed, you can now focus your attention on repairing your ceiling water damage. In many instances with ceiling water damage, it can go unnoticed for quite some time and could result in mold growth. If this is the case then you need to hire a professional restoration company with experience in removing mold along with your ceiling water damage. The mold and water damage restoration company should set up a containment area to protect the non-affected area from the affected area. Once the area is protected and proper protective equipment is being worn by the restoration technicians the removal process can begin.

  • Identify water source and stop it
  • Inspect for mold
    • Set up proper containment
    • PPE (Proper Protective Equipment)
    • Air Scrubber (clean the air)
  • Drywall removal
    • proper bagging
  • Dry the ceiling and walls
    • Document drying progress
  • Repair and/or put back all building materials remove

This is a general process for repairing your ceiling water damage in your home or business. If you would like a free inspection with our thermal camera, call us today at 919-467-1991.