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What If My House Catches On Fire In Cary, NC?

You can do everything possible to prevent a fire, but when one occurs, there are only a few ways to prepare for what will happen.

There are some basic safety tips to prevent fires: don’t overload outlets with electrical devices. Make sure to inspect your stove wiring on a regular basis. Be sure to clean your drier vents on a regular basis as well, because the heat from the dryer can catch lint on fire.

Secure matches and candles if you have young children.

If you live in a newer house, you may already have sprinklers installed; if not, consider doing so.

You can do all of that and still have a fire. Your house could be struck by lightning, for instance, and since most houses are still stick-built, it could ignite.

If you do experience a fire, the only possible remedy is water, so many of your possessions, not to mention vital documents, will be seriously damaged. And the flames, heat and smoke will also cause extensive problems.

You will also likely need to contact your insurance company, and its representative will ask you what your losses are.

With the huge amount of stress and anguish you’ll be dealing with, it won’t be easy to remember everything. So once or twice a year, it’s a good idea to walk through your house or apartment and videotape everything. Store it somewhere outside your house (a safety deposit box is ideal) so it won’t burn up too.

And you might as well put your critical papers there as well. There’s no point in taking a chance.

If you do have a fire, your local fire crew will show up and will use fire hoses to retard the flames. They may also cut holes in your roof to help control the fire and possibly in your walls to see if it’s safe inside.

Obviously your first priority during a fire is safety: get your family and any pets out. They may panic, so be careful not to be scratched or bitten.

Once the fire is out, your house may still be unsafe. There will be lots of soot and the air will have particulates and other materials that could harm you. Don’t plan to go in right away and don’t touch anything until you’re sure it’s safe. And you can forget about food and drink – none of it will be safe. Just be prepared to throw it all away.

As soon as everything is secured or settled, call us and plan to show your insurance company the video or pictures you took.

You may also call the Red Cross or a local organization, possibly your church if you belong to one, to ask for immediate help.

When everything is calm again, ask the fire department before entering any damaged structure. There could still be hot spots that could reignite. Roofs could fall; floors could collapse.

The fire department will tell you when it’s safe.

Make sure they sign off on the utilities as well. Obviously you wouldn’t want to turn the gas on if there were still embers burning.

You’ll also need to contact your credit card companies if your wallet or purse burned up. They can send replacement cards.

Keep all of your receipts! This is very important as you can be reimbursed for many things.

If you live in Cary or the Research Triangle, call Professional Restoration Services. We can advise you as to what you’ll need to do to restore your property and make it your home again. Call us at 919-467-1991 today.

Emergency Call Process:

  1. Emergency call comes to our 24-hour hotline – 919-467-1991.
  1. On-call supervisor evaluates loss and dispatches our certified technicians.
  1. Certified technician arrives and assesses the damage.
  1. A mitigation plan is discussed with the client and insurance company.
  1. Restoration estimate is prepared and is sent to the insurance company.
  1. Estimate is approved and restoration begins

We can help work with your insurance company to get started quickly.

We can make your house your home again.

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