Fire Damage Cary, NC

Fire damage wrecks a home, but Professional Restoration Services is here to help!

Fire damages are challenging to say the very least. When a fire occurs in your Cary home, the extent of injury to your property can be significant or very minor. However, in most cases, the smoke odors will linger for years after the event if not remediated properly. Deodorization is the only way is to properly remove the smoke odors. With the aid of a professional fire damage company, your home or business will be restored back to normal.

The Fire Damage Repair Process

There are various reasons for this. Even with minor harm damages, the smoke can harm walls, carpeting, and ceilings. Smoke and soot are the biggest factors to work against when you’re dealing with the aftermath of a fire, but it’s not the only thing you should worry about. Home and business owners often forget about the water damages that was used to extinguish the fire. Also, water damages may be difficult to identify if the property has not been cleared to enter.

Once our team has arrived to your Cary home, they will conduct a full assessment of all the damages. After all of the damages are noted and identified, the team will create a plan for cleanup and remediation.

To keep all outside contaminates out of the property, the technicians will tarp-up and board-up all exposed and open areas. This will keep excess rainwater out of the home and will prevent further water damages.

The water that was used to extinguish the fire will linger in the home and create more damages like mold growth. If an excessive amount of water is in the affected area, our team will remove all standing and remaining water from the property with vacuums and pumps. After the water is removed, the technicians will start the drying process – which includes drying with hot, dry air and dehumidifying the area. We will also treat and remove any areas that have begun to grow mold.

To remediate soot and smoke damages, our team will use air scrubbers, thermal fogging, and ozone treatments to remove soot and smoke from the property and belongings. To deodorize, we will treat all affected furniture, fabrics, and other affected materials. We will also seal any wood to ensure no smoke odors are released when the wood expands in the heat.

Our last step includes restoring and rebuilding the property back to the home or business that you remember. This step will include replacing insulation, drywall, or in more extreme cases, entire walls and flooring.

cary fire damage repairs
fire damage cary nc

24/7 Fire Damage Repairs In Cary, NC

Smoke and soot damage can be very dangerous if not removed and cleaned properly, thus calling a professional will ensure the damages are remediated properly. In addition to smoke and soot damage, the water damages will also pose a huge threat to your structure and health, as it will promote mold growth.

To ensure your fire damages are properly cleaned and your home or business is restored back to normal, call Professional Restoration Services.

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