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Professional Restoration Services is your trust water damage restoration company. We provide water extraction and remediation services to Holly Springs and surrounding areas. PRS offers 24/7 emergency water damage services, 365 days a year. When water enters your home, it is crucial to remove it as fast as possible. 

Water is one of the most destructive forces that can enter your home. Water is classified as a universal solvent because it has the capability to dissolve a long list of different compounds. Thus, water can cause detrimental damages to your Holly Springs home and personal belongings if it is not quickly remediated. Whether the water has entered your home from a burst pipe, or from a malfunctioning toilet, you should act as quickly as possible to remove the water from your property.

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Professional Water Damage Restoration Services

Our professional water damage restoration team is available 24/7 to remediate emergency water losses. The PRS water technicians are all IICRC certified and have handled some of the toughest Holly Springs Water Damage area. To restore water damaged properties, we follow a 5 step plan that can be easily customized based on the specific case.

Initial Walk-Through 

After we have received your emergency water damage call, we will immediately send a team of technicians to your Holly Springs home or business. Once the technicians arrive, they will conduct an initial walkthrough of the property to assess all of the damages. 

Water Extraction

Our team will quickly extract the water from affected areas using pumps and vacuums. We will also document the entire process with images, and provide you with all the information needed for your insurance claims. 


After we have removed all of the excess water from the area, we will begin the drying process. To dry the affected areas, we will set up industrial air movers around the affected areas. We will also place dehumidifiers in the area to regulate humidity. The source of warm dry air will fully dry the areas, and prevent future mold growth. 


Once the affected areas are dry, we will clean all affected and surrounding areas. We will also apply an antimicrobial treatment to the water damaged areas to eliminate the risk of mold growth.


 After the cleaning is complete, we will replace, repair, and restore and of the damages caused by the water. This process may include replacing the carpet, drywall, insulation, baseboards, or other damaged materials.

What Our Customers Are Saying


We had a termite inspector tell us our vapor barrier had trapped water and mold damage and that it was spreading. This company sent someone out to assess the situation for free. They let us know that everything in fact looked great in the crawlspace and we had nothing to worry about. So honest! We're so relieved and grateful.
11:55 27 Nov 19
We had a wonderful experience with PRS. Our water heater leaked into our garage and kitchen. They helped stop the damage and fix our walls and floor. Our floors look absolutely beautiful. All of the staff we dealt with were very friendly and helpful. They made a very unfortunate incident into a positive experience for us!
Emily Fox
Emily Fox
11:52 27 Sep 19
PRS did a fantastic job on our mitigation and repair work. They were extremely responsive and professional. While we didn't love what we had to go through, they dealt with us in a very compassionate manner. Would definitely recommend and use again if needed.
Julie Marshall
Julie Marshall
20:21 17 Jul 19
1 quick phone call was all it took before the PRS team sprung into action. They were thorough, professional and a dream to work with. You'd be a fool to call anyone else.
Brent Brandow
Brent Brandow
14:10 19 Jun 19
Look no further - PRS is with out a doubt the company you HAVE to use. My one phone call to them turned out to the best call I have made all year. They were able to calm me down and assure me that they would not only take care of the mess at my home but also be professional while they worked. This company is staffed to take care of several needs all in one (sheetrock, painting, carpentry, water removal). And I just used a portion of the different trades they have on staff. Do not waste your time on searching for someone to come save you from a bad situation - take my advice and just call PRS!
joanna worthington
joanna worthington
14:00 10 Apr 19
When we had water damage from our leaking water heater, PRS was quick, efficient, and professional. They were at our house within a couple of hours to begin the drying process and prevent further damage. Our house is now back in original condition and looks great!
Lindsey Thomspon
Lindsey Thomspon
16:36 26 Mar 19
We have just completed our requirements with PRS and they gave us excellent service in every respect. A large water leak from the condo above left a real mess with major repair work required. There were special owner health needs which required special considerations, but our project manager understood and handled all issues in a professional and efficient manner. PRS is a great company and we strongly recommend them.
Lyn/Mike Walsh
Lyn/Mike Walsh
19:45 23 Mar 19
PRS of Raleigh managed a major repair to kitchen and bathroom caused by an extensive water leak that went undiscovered for an extended period of time. The project manager for my work was outstanding. He stayed on top of everything and provided me with updates, schedules and status on a timely basis. The workmanship on all phases was outstanding. He kept my insurance agent informed and every phase progressed smoothly with a minimum of effort on my part, I would recommend PRS of Raleigh to anyone in need of restoration or remodeling services. Best company I have ever worked with in this area.
Barry Penland
Barry Penland
11:44 18 Mar 19
I would recommend PRS. They were professional, responsive and complete high quality work. Great customer service.
Kim Carroll
Kim Carroll
14:03 13 Mar 19

Why Choose PRS For Holly Springs Water Damage Restoration

Professional Restoration Services is Holly Spring’s trusted water damage restoration company. We are an IICRC certified restoration company and have tackled some of the toughest water damage cases. We use the industry’s best cleanup methods and have years of restoration experience. We understand the stress and emotional toll that water damage can cause, so we strive to eliminate all stressors and quickly remediate your damages.

Holly Springs Water Damage Restoration

Holly Springs, North Carolina 

Holly Springs is a small town located in the southern region of Wake County. The name was inspired by the 40-foot holly trees that hung over the freshwater springs. Today, Holly Springs is home to beautiful parks, theatres, and local businesses. The town is perfect for families who enjoy urban life but want to settle in a small town because of the proximity to the state’s capital, Raleigh, North Carolina.