Water Damaged Carpet In Cary, Raleigh, and Durham

In the water damage and restoration business, we often have to deal with flood damage. We service Cary, Raleigh, Durham and all areas around the triangle.

If you have water damage in your home feel free to call us today. We are not just water damage and restoration experts, we are also North Carolina State licensed contractors native to the area who have done everything from mold remediation to complete home builds.

We typically service water damage which is significant enough to require an insurance claim.

Today we’re discussing water damage to carpets.

There are many ways water can reach your floor: a burst water heater or pipe, an overflowing bathtub or sink, a ceiling leak (which could quickly go from a leak to a collapse, with much greater damage to the floor and everything else below) or storm damage.

However it gets there, it’s a big problem.

On a bare floor, you may be able to minimize damage if you can get the water up very quickly.

With a carpeted floor, if the water gets beneath the pad – and padding is one area where you should never skimp because when you need it you’ll be seriously glad you spent the money – you can have serious damage up to and including mold.

What do you do when your carpet is soaked?

The first question is what kind of water is it? If it’s “clean” water – rainwater or water from a faucet – you may be able to salvage the carpet.

If it’s “black” water – in other words, water from a toilet or sewage – you face potentially serious health issues and it should be ripped out immediately.

This includes your padding. You should never remove and replace damaged carpet without replacing the padding beneath it, and absolutely never if you are dealing with black water.

Once you’ve identified the source of the leak and stopped it, you can move forward.

Homeowners can typically deal with minor cases in small areas.

It’s important that you restrict traffic while the carpet is wet.

You can rent a wet vac if necessary and use fans and household dehumidifiers. You may wish to temporarily pull up the affected part of the carpet to let air beneath it.

For a small area, this may be sufficient.

Whatever you do you should do it quickly: mold can develop within 24 hours.

For a major problem, you should call us. Professional Restoration Services can help. We can even help with the insurance company.

The first step is water extraction. Getting the water out of carpet quickly is essential. Otherwise, you will potentially have to deal with bacteria and mold and more serious damage to the floor beneath your carpet and carpet pad.

Once the standing water is removed, the remaining dampness has to be dealt with.

We have several tools to extract water, including:

  • Blowers and air movers
  • Fans
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Ventilation

As we said earlier, during this process it is important to keep everyone off the carpet (this includes children and pets), and dealing with it quickly is critical. The last thing you want is mold in your house.

It’s possible too that one part of your carpet can’t be salvaged and therefore must be partially replaced.

Professional Restoration Services can remove the damaged sections of carpet and padding, match your carpet and make a beautiful repair that is hardly noticeable.

Or if the entire carpet and padding must go, we can dispose of the old carpet and replace that as well.

We hope that you will not need our services – a household disaster is traumatic for anyone – but if you do, we will do everything possible to make sure that your home is made whole again.

Areas we service

We service Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Durham, and all surrounding areas.

For full details on flood damage, restoration and how the process works please see our water damage page.

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