Drying Hardwood Floors In Your Home

When attempting to dry your hardwood floors in your home, the most important factor is time. If you arrive home shortly after a dishwasher leak, and the water hasn’t been sitting on your wood floors for too long, then there is a good chance we can save your floors. However, if you arrive home to find extensive damage to your wood floors to the point of cupping or crowning, your floors are likely no longer salvageable. Time is of the essence when it comes to water damage on your wood floors. So if you arrive home to find water on your floors but decide not to do anything for a lengthy period of time, you are putting all your wood floors at risk.

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How The Woodfloor Drying Process Works

The first step in saving your hardwood floors is to remove any standing water on the floors.

After all standing water is removed, now we have to remove the water that has seeped into the floorboards and subfloor. This can be very difficult, luckily Professional Restoration Services has specialty drying equipment designed to dry hardwood floors.

To remove the water trapped in the floorboards and below you place the special floor mats of the Injectidry System on the affected wood floor and connect the floor mats with a hose to the “vacuum” like machine. This system will use a suction-like process to draw the water droplets from the subfloor through the floorboards and eventually removing all excess water in your wood floors bringing it back to its dry standard.

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Toilet Water Damage to Home

If you have experienced water damage to your Raleigh area home from a toilet backup it is time to seek out the services of a water damage and restoration company. We work directly with your insurance company throughout the claims process. We restore homes from water damage when the work is beyond the scope of a rooter service that a plumber offers.

What is a sewage backup?

A sewage backup is a bit different than a clogged drain. A clogged drain means that water won’t go down the pipes; when there is a sewage backup, instead of going out, water comes in. When water comes in, it can create water damage. If the washing machine or other appliances are running, they keep pumping water into the sewer and it can keep coming in through a drain or a toilet, especially a toilet on the ground floor.

Sewage backups and insurance claims

We have seen sewage backups which are hazardous to health and smell awful that have cost $20,000 to clean up. Not all homeowner’s insurance policies cover sewage backups. If you have a question about your insurance policy please feel free to contact us; we work with insurance companies and various types of water damage all day long.

For more information on water damage please visit our page dedicated to water damage and restoration. We repair water damage in homes near Raleigh including Cary, Apex, Durham, Holly Springs, and Garner.

Preventing Frozen Pipes in Raleigh

When temperatures drop in Raleigh, pipes are known to freeze. This typically happens in our area when temperatures dip below 20 degrees.

How do pipes break?

Water expands when it freezes; the pressure is what actually breaks the pipes. This happens regardless of you having metal or plastic pipes.

In Raleigh, homes on slabs may have unprotected pipes in crawlspaces or in attics. Less common are pipes in poorly insulated exterior walls.

Preventing frozen pipes.

Not all pipes that are frozen break. Sometimes, you just have the inconvenience of not being able to use water until they are thawed.

Here are some tips on preventing frozen pipes:

  • Foam insulation. Insulated pipes keep water pipes warmer & reduce energy bills.
  • Keep cabinets open. If you have non-insulated pipes underneath sinks, open up the cabinets allowing warm air in.
  • Let the water drip. If you let the water drip in a sink in your home, preferable a sink far away from where the water comes in to the home, this will allow excess pressure to escape in the event the water does start freezing.

If you have a minor pipe leak, call your plumber. If you end up with major water damage, visit our water damage and restoration page.

Water Damage and Restoration in Pittsboro NC flooded basement

We recently repaired a home in Pittsboro NC that had water damage.

The residents of this home had gone on vacation. Upon their return home, they walked inside and quickly noticed a squishing sound under their feet. They looked down and discovered that there was water all over the carpet. Where was it coming from? It turns out the entire carpet was soaked. So was one of the walls.

The homeowner quickly realized that a pipe had broken in their home in the kitchen while they were gone. The pipe that brought water from the crawlspace of the home to the kitchen sink was routed through the wall between the kitchen and the living room. When this pipe broke it pumped water into their home.

The homeowner also noticed that in the crawlspace of the home there was 4” of standing water.

They called us. The homeowner’s insurance policy works with us and recommends us. Not every restoration company works with every insurance company. If you have water damage and call us we can tell you if we work with your insurance company or not. In some cases, we can get signed up with the insurer.

We were out right away to assess the damage, stop the leak, and start drying out the crawlspace. Standing water in the crawlspace is never good to have- at best you will end up with a musty scent, at worst you will get mold. We were also able to remove a section of carpet that was waterlogged.

At that point, we were able to draw up an estimate and get it out to the insurance company. An adjuster was out in the next day or two and approved the entire claim.

With the claim approved we were on our way back out to Pittsboro to continue repairing the water damage.

Replaced in this home were cupboards, plumbing, a wall, and the carpet. Our customer had elected to make a few changes. Instead of an exact replacement wall, they wanted drywall. They wanted to change out their carpet color. The old carpet was due to be replaced anyways, so they were happy that they were getting a “free” carpet.

The most difficult part of this water damage restoration was the crawlspace. We used pumps to get excess water out, blowers to circulate the air, and dehumidifiers in an effort to take moisture out of the air.

If you are experiencing flooding or water damage at your home or business please feel free to give us a call. We are located just up the street in Apex, North Carolina.