Water Damage in Apartment Complexes

If your rental property has suffered water damage due to a leak or flood, call us immediately at 919-467-1991. We will show up soon and work fast to stop any further damage and begin the restoration process. We can work with your insurance company to make sure you pay as little as possible. We’re available around the clock, 7 days a week.

NC Licensed Contractors

We are not only restoration specialists, we have a North Carolina contractor’s license and can handle large commercial jobs throughout Wake and Orange County. We’ve worked with homes and businesses in Holly Springs, Durham, Raleigh, Cary, Chapel Hill and Wake Forest.

Apartment complex water damage

Water damage can have devastating consequences on an apartment complex or rental property. In the worst case scenario, it can make apartments completely unlivable, and could potentially ruin any property the renter may have inside. Even flooding that seems minor at first can develop into problems with devastating and long-term consequences.

Wet surfaces are breeding grounds for mold, mildew, and bacteria, which can further damage the building, as well as create life-threatening health hazards. Tenants have rights that protect them in these situations, and it’s the landlord’s responsibility to make sure that water damage is addressed quickly, completely, and professionally.

Water damage that’s left unrepaired will only make problems worse for everyone. If attended to quickly, it may only be a matter of days before everything is dried properly, and the renters can go back to living their lives normally. However, if the issue develops into something worse, involving mold, wood rot, demolition, and reconstruction, not only will the cost of repair be much higher, but the revenue generated through monthly rent will be lost as well. The law protects tenants in the situations, and they are not responsible for paying rent for periods of time they are unable to live in the apartment.

While most of a tenants personal belonging are likely to be covered by renters insurance, it’s only the responsibility of the landlord to replace damaged items in the event that the flooding is attributed to negligence. While it’s not our place to decide who is or isn’t at fault, we can say for certain that delaying any repairs related to water damage isn’t going to help a landlord’s case should the dispute go to court.

If there’s ever any kind of water damage to your apartment or rental community, it’s strongly recommended that you contact a professional. We’re available 24/7 through our emergency hot-line at 919-467-1991. Our trained and certified professionals will be able to determine the severity of the damage and work with your insurance company to keep your out of pocket costs to a minimum. As licensed contractors, we’ll not only be able to rip out all of the damaged drywall, and any other affected structure, we can rebuild your rental units as good as new.

Water Damage and Restoration for Durham Hotels

We are Cary North Carolina’s water and flood damage experts with 25 years of experience in restoring water damaged businesses. We are not just a restoration company; we are a North Carolina State licensed General Contractor and can handle any residential or commercial job.

If you have water or flood damage to your hotel feel free to call our 24×7 emergency hotline at 919-467-1991 now.

We work directly with your insurance company to get your life or business back in order as quickly as possible. We are insured and IICRC Certified restoration professionals.

What If I Have Water Damage In A Durham Hotel?

Our goal is to minimize downtime so that you can get your rooms available to customers again as soon as possible.

Hotels can present a real challenge to maintain because people are constantly in and out of the rooms, but the rooms are also empty quite often. So, it’s possible for a sink or shower to run for hours without being detected – or for a pipe to break or rupture. By the time these sorts of things have been discovered, it’s often too late. And as bad as it could be on the ground floor, it’s far worse upstairs. And some hotels often have many floors for the water to flow through before it’s stopped.

If this happens in your hotel in Durham or anywhere in the Triangle area, you can call Professional Restoration Services.

Emergency Call Process

  1. The emergency call comes to our 24-hour hotline – 919-467-1991.
  1. The on-call supervisor evaluates loss and dispatches our certified technicians.
  1. Certified technician arrives and stabilizes the wind damage. This may or may not include stabilizing walls, tarping off missing patches of the roof, etc.
  1. A mitigation plan is discussed with the client and insurance company.
  1. Restoration estimate is prepared and is sent to the insurance company.
  1. Estimate is approved and restoration begins

Durham Commercial Water Damage and Restoration

We have repaired and restored multiple businesses in Durham North Carolina that were damaged by water. Our home office is just miles from the Bull City in Apex. Durham County businesses that have experienced water damage please take note: Not only are we an experienced water mitigation company, we are IIRC certified and also North Carolina Licensed General Contractors.

If you’re having water problems please call us now. We will work directly with your insurance company to get things back to normal as soon as possible.

Flood damage at commercial locations offers unique challenges which we are prepared to deal with. Offices need to be restored to pre-flood conditions as quickly as possible to minimize downtime, and the same goes for larger commercial operations.

We repair all types of water damage, including:

  • structural damage
  • upholstery
  • mold remediation
  • odor control
  • and more as seen on our water damage restoration page.

Types of commercial locations serviced:

  • Office buildings, retail outlets, and warehouses
  • Schools and educational buildings
  • Hotels and motels
  • Hospitals and medical facilities
  • Gyms and sports training centers
  • Libraries, cafeterias, garages, bathrooms, basements, and more.

Commercial Water Damage and Restoration Raleigh NC


We repair water damage and offer restoration services to commercial locations in and around Raleigh. We are Cary natives and our office is in Apex. We are a locally owned and operated commercial water damage and restoration company. We work with almost all insurance companies.

A few reasons to choose us:

  • We are not just IIRC Certified restoration technicians, we are North Carolina State licensed General Contractors equipped to handle commercial jobs.
  • 24 Hour Emergency Services
  • Locally owned and operated
  • Case studies and references available

Unique challenges for commercial water damage restoration

After experiencing flood damage from broken pipes or any other type of water damage, unique challenges exist in commercial restoration settings.

‘Small offices need to be back up and running as quickly as possible with minimal impact to day to day operations. Of course, the same applies to big box stores.

We repair structural damage, upholstery, offer mold remediation, odor control, water pump outs, and more as seen on our water damage restoration page.

Types of commercial locations serviced:

  • Office buildings, retail outlets, and warehouses
  • Schools and educational buildings
  • Hotels and motels
  • Hospitals and medical facilities
  • Gyms and sports training centers
  • Libraries, cafeterias, garages, bathrooms, basements, and more.

Commercial Water and Flood Damage & Restoration in Cary NC

We offer restoration to commercial locations in Cary North Carolina that have been damaged by flooding or other types of water damage. If you have experienced water damage at your commercial location please feel free to contact us today. We work with almost all insurers in Cary.

We are not just certified restoration specialists, we are also North Carolina Licensed General Contractors.

Types of commercial property we restore:

Office buildings, industrial property, leased units, warehouse space, garages, hotels, and retail stores are some of the commercial locations that we restore.

Minimizing disruptions

Commercial locations need minimized downtime so they can concentrate on their clients. We are a native Cary NC business headquartered here and have the expertise and equipment on hand get you back to business as usual as quickly as possible.

To our customers, vendors, families and friends:

Professional Restoration Services, like so many other small businesses in our community, is doing our part both to stop the spread of Coronavirus and remain focused on the safety of our employees and growth of our company.  Over the last few weeks, we have taken the necessary steps to limit our staff’s presence in the office allowing everyone to work remotely.  The foundation of our scope of work is to help customers with water damage and the repairs that follow, no matter when they happen.  Our employees are now working in our customers’ homes wearing the proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).  With that in mind we are continuously monitoring the rapidly evolving situation regarding this pandemic and we are continuing to make the necessary adjustments.

We have implemented the following measures to ensure the health and safety of our customers, staff and vendors:

  • Our amazing staff is working remotely.  We are so thankful for technology that allows this to happen.
  • We will be continuing to meet with potential customers and inspect properties, wearing masks, gloves and shoe covers. 
  • During normal times we love a handshake but these days we are opting for a friendly air high five or an air fist bump, a wave or even a simple word of  “thanks”.  Please know we appreciate your business.
  • While jobs are in progress, if you have any questions or concerns, we ask that you contact your Project Manager by phone or email directly.  They will address them immediately.

During these uncertain times, we remain hopeful.  We believe these efforts are in the best interests of our employees, customers and the community.  We will get through this.  Our Mission remains the same:  To provide exceptional service during all aspects of the restoration process through clear communication and always putting our customers first.