Dishwasher Leaks, Flooding, and Insurance in Cary NC

Appliance failures, such as dishwasher leaks, happen on a daily basis all over the United States. In Cary NC and the surrounding areas which we service on a daily basis, homeowners often inquire with us to see if their homeowner’s insurance will cover this type of flood damage.

If you are experiencing flood damage feel free to call our emergency hotline or visit our comprehensive page explaining flood damage and restoration.

Is Dishwasher Leaks Covered By Insurance

Generally, if a hose has burst behind or under the dishwasher, almost all damages resulting from this will be covered. Supply lines to a dishwasher can pump out hundreds of gallons of water each hour; it is amazing.

Slow leaks may be denied. This depends on the circumstances and your policy. In many cases, a small leak under “the tub” may go unnoticed for months or years. The resulting damage often includes damaged cabinets, mildew or mold damage, etc.

What To Do After Dishwasher Leak

Proactively take the kick plate off of the bottom of the washer and look for drips each spring and fall.  A slow leak can begin from hoses, pumps, mounts, etc.

Here are some kitchens in Cary NC that we recently worked on:

kitchen3 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA kitchen4 kitchen2


Does My Homeowners Insurance Cover Washing Machine Leaks?

One of the most common malfunctioning appliances we encounter in the water damage and restoration business is failing washing machines.

We were just at a home last week here in Cary and the washing machine was up on the second floor. The homeowner was gone for a weekend and came home to a major problem. When they arrived home, water was pouring out from above their door! The electric was out. They looked at the ceiling and the paint was falling off. They went upstairs to see what the problem was and the wood floors were drenched.

Having a washing machine on the second floor is very popular here in Cary. This offers the convenience of having clean clothes right near the bedroom.

About half of the cases we see of washing machine problems are from the water supply hose. This is the hose that feeds water into the machine. If this hose breaks it is just like having a garden hose in your home capable of pumping out up to 500 gallons per hour!

If you are experiencing this type of problem, leave the home and call us immediately. There is a risk of electrocution. We can get in, shut the power off, and stop the water from flowing.

This type of damage is usually caused by homeowner’s insurance policies with no problem, although, the insurance agent or adjuster may determine that you were negligent. This usually only happens if you have a very old washing machine that has not been maintained in a very long time.

If you have this type of water damage call us immediately. We are probably one of your insurance company’s recommended restoration companies. Full details are available on our Cary Water Damage page.

We will work with them to get your home back to normal as quickly as possible.

washing machine

Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Burst Pipes?

We are located in Cary North Carolina and respond to burst pipes all over Wake County of the time. One of the first things people ask us is: Does my homeowner’s insurance cover burst pipes?

Flooding and water damage from burst pipes can be extensive and expensive. Fortunately, all or a major portion of the damage caused by burst pipes is generally covered by homeowner’s insurance here in North Carolina.

What does homeowner’s insurance cover?

Some insurance policies will cover water damage to the home’s frame, walls, personal property, carpets, floors, cabinets, etc.

There are situations when your insurance policy will deny your claim.

Some basic policies do not cover plumbing and pipe expenses.

Also, if the burst pipes are due to the negligence of the owner or occupant, claims may be denied.

If you are experiencing water damage feel free to visit this page: Water Damage and Restoration

Mold Remediation Cary NC

Looking for mold remediation in Cary NC? We are more than just a mold remediation company. We are Cary NC natives, who have been doing business here in Cary, Raleigh, and Apex since 1991.

Professional Restoration Services is more than just a mold remediation company:

  • We are RSA Certified for mold remediation.
  • We are also North Carolina State general contractors. We’re equipped and licensed to handle not only residential mold problems but also large-scale commercial jobs.

Mold Remediation Services

We are a mold remediation Cary NC restoration company. We typically work with your insurance company after water or flood damage. If you have an insurance claim due to water damage please feel free to call us. We have seen all types of mold.

The mold remediation removal process involves identifying the presence of mold, the type of mold, repairing leaks, water extraction, drying the structure, removing and remediating mold and mold damage.

Signs of Mold

People typically call us if there has been a water leak or flood damage to their home or business. Some of the basic signs of mold are:

  • Excessive humidity
  • Visible mold
  • Strong, musty odors
  • Moisture / water / flood damage
  • Discoloration of walls
  • Molds may be gray, black, green, yellow, orange or various other colors, and may have a velvety or wooly texture

Is all mold dangerous?

There is mold in every indoor environment, but mold growth indoors is not normal.

Some types of mold are not toxic. Small cases of a non-toxic mold may be treated yourself.

Other molds are toxic. Inhaling mold spores can cause everything from chest tightness, sneezing, and wheezing to respiratory infection, asthma, and even poisoning. Some people are more sensitive to some molds than other people.

The “black mold” you’ve likely heard about on the news is called Stachybotrys chartarum. This mold grows in drywall, wood, paper, ceiling materials that have been moist.

mold remediation cary nc

Cary NC Ice 2-2015

Burst Pipes and Water Damage in Cary NC Winter

February 17, 2015: Jack Frost has visited Cary North Carolina and we are getting calls for burst pipes and water damage. North Carolina State Governor Pat McCrory issued the State of Emergency which has been lifted as freezing precipitation has now left the area.

The temperatures have made their dip below 20 degrees. Wednesday, February 18, the temperatures are supposed to dip to 3 degrees. Then Thursday, the temperatures will be -4. These are extremely cold temperatures for Cary.

If you have water damage call out emergency hotline now. We most likely work with your insurance company and are probably on their list of recommended water damage restoration companies.

When to pipes break or burst?

Non-insulated pipes can freeze at temperatures under 20 degrees. The water expands and pressure builds, causing the pipes to burst.

Many homes in Cary are built on slab foundations and have water pipes routed through the attic. The attic is a very vulnerable location for pipes, leaving them susceptible to breakage.

When you have a burst pipe in your attic, it often results in major water damage to your home. To learn more about the process, please visit our page on water damage.

Moving forward, to prevent pipes from bursting to feel free to give us a call. Often when we perform restoration on a home that has had burst pipes we offer the homeowner options such as pipe insulation and heating option for attics.

Here is a video shot this morning which shows the current road conditions in Cary, NC:

Cary NC Water Damage and Restoration

If you are looking for a locally owned Cary based water damage and restoration business to rescue your home or business from water damage please do not hesitate to give us a call. The owner works in the business and is native to the Cary area.

If the water is still running

If you are reading this and water is still flooding your home or business call our emergency hotline at 919-467-1991.

We work with your insurance

We work with nearly every homeowner and business insurance in Cary North Carolina. If you call us first we can make emergency repairs and get a quote over to your insurance company. If you call them first there is a good chance they will dispatch us as well as we are usually on their recommended list. Many people prefer us since we are locally owned and have been doing business here for a long time. Also, we are not just a restoration company, we are North Carolina licensed General Contractors; by law, this license is required to tackle large jobs.

We Restore all levels of damage

Some homes become flooded from water pipes that break during cold months. Other times, the fire department has to put out a blaze at a home and the engine blasts 1,000 gallons per minute onto your home. That is a LOT of water. We repair homes with flooding, fire, or wind damage. Here is a drastic before and after:


Cary NC Water Damage

We get the most calls for flooding. While this is not necessarily a “flood” that results in people driving their boats down the street, a home can become flooded when a water pipe breaks, when an appliance has a mechanical failure, when a water heater rusts out, or when there is a sewage backup.

We are equipped to handle structural damage, electrical damage, mold remediation, dehumidifying and all aspects that come along with everything from minor moisture issues to catastrophic flooding damage.

For a comprehensive overview of how the process works please visit our page dedicated to water damage.