Smoke Damage From Fireplace

If you are in Raleigh or a neighboring city such as Apex, Cary, or Durham and you have smoke damage from a fireplace please feel free to give us a call at our 24-hour emergency hotline. We are locally owned and operated and we’re the fire damage experts. To see why else we’re the best choice, feel free to visit our detailed page: fire damage restoration service.

The best way to prevent smoke damage from your fireplace is to simply make sure that it is clean and venting correctly.

Assuming that you actively use it, you should hire a chimney sweep periodically to get the soot and creosote out. You should also make sure that the damper is open when you do use it.

If you don’t do those things on the front end, you may get smoke damage on the back. Worse, it may take awhile to realize that it’s happening.

When it does, whether it’s a slow buildup or a rapid one, you’ll want to fix it right away.

If the smoke damage is heavy you’ll need to clear your possessions from the room where the fireplace is and possibly other rooms as well. We can take your belongings back to our facility and see what can be salvaged.

Once the house is empty, we can fully assess the damage. At a minimum, your walls will have to be cleaned and repainted.

However, depending on the level of damage, we may also have to delve into carpentry and electric work.

One of the real problems with smoke is the residual smell.

Chances are the carpet – if you have carpet – will have to be pulled and replaced. And if you have bare floors, they will have to be resealed as well.

Of course, all of this will be pointless if the chimney is not dealt with as well because it will just happen again. So the chimney has to be cleaned from top to bottom. The damper too – it will have soot and creosote covering it and will be difficult to open and close.

Although we mentioned it last, this will be one of the first things to be done so that soot won’t be spilled or tracked in your newly renovated room.

We will also help you to work with your insurance company so that the restoration can move forward as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Any damage to your home is traumatic and unpleasant but we will do our best to fix it as quickly and thoroughly as possible. If you have a problem with smoke damage from your chimney, give us a call today! We can help.

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