Can Water Damage To Furniture And Appliances Be Repaired?

If your home has serious damage due to fire, wind, or water, in the Cary, Raleigh, Chapel Hill or surrounding areas call us immediately at 919-467-1991. We will show up soon and work fast to stop any further damage and begin the restoration process. We can work with your insurance company to make sure you pay as little as possible. We’re available around the clock, 7 days a week.

Most of the time it, whether or not a piece of furniture or a household appliance can be repaired after a flood depends on the value of the item in question. It’s also important to understand that when you make a claim on your homeowner’s insurance for water damage, the insurance company will split the claim into two portions. The first is damage to the structure of the home, the second is for its contents. While both portions will be paid for by the company, they will be paid for separately.

Before the insurance company will write a check, they will want to look at each piece and assess the value of the item, along with an estimate for repairing the damage. A couch that’s worth $600-$800 will almost certainly be replaced, rather than reupholstered. An antique piece of furniture that has a lot of sentimental value, however, may be worth restoring.

In regards to electrical appliances, water can do very serious damage that is very difficult to repair, and they very rarely have any sentimental value. It’s almost always a better idea to replace them, rather than spend money trying to fix them, and have them malfunction in the near future.

If there’s ever any kind of water damage to your home, it’s recommended that you contact a professional. We’re available 24/7 through our emergency hot-line at 919-467-1991. Our trained and certified professionals will be able to determine the severity of the damage and work with your insurance company to keep your out of pocket costs to a minimum. As licensed contractors, we’ll not only be able to rip out all of the damaged drywall, and any other affected structure, we can rebuild your home as good as new.

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