Dishwasher Leaks, Flooding, and Insurance in Cary NC

Appliance failures, such as dishwasher leaks, happen on a daily basis all over the United States. In Cary NC and the surrounding areas which we service on a daily basis, homeowners often inquire with us to see if their homeowner’s insurance will cover this type of flood damage.

If you are experiencing flood damage feel free to call our emergency hotline or visit our comprehensive page explaining flood damage and restoration.

Is Dishwasher Leaks Covered By Insurance

Generally, if a hose has burst behind or under the dishwasher, almost all damages resulting from this will be covered. Supply lines to a dishwasher can pump out hundreds of gallons of water each hour; it is amazing.

Slow leaks may be denied. This depends on the circumstances and your policy. In many cases, a small leak under “the tub” may go unnoticed for months or years. The resulting damage often includes damaged cabinets, mildew or mold damage, etc.

What To Do After Dishwasher Leak

Proactively take the kick plate off of the bottom of the washer and look for drips each spring and fall.  A slow leak can begin from hoses, pumps, mounts, etc.

Here are some kitchens in Cary NC that we recently worked on:

kitchen3 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA kitchen4 kitchen2

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