Bathroom Flooding in Cary NC

We had a call the other day for a flooded bathroom. The customer was right up the street from us here in Cary NC. In this case, the hot water pipe going up to the bathroom sink’s hot water faucet had burst while he was not home and it spewed a tremendous amount of water into his bathroom for approximately 8 hours.

Just like when you’re taking a shower, even when the hot water runs out, the water keeps on coming; it is just a different temperature.

Can you file an insurance claim for bathroom flooding?

Assuming the water has not been a slow leak, it was a burst pipe, most homeowners will have no problem filing a claim. Claims do not have to be filed for all burst pipes.

Usually when people call us for restoration, there is extensive water damage such as water in the drywall, water on the second floor leaking into the first floor, damaged electrical, damaged hardwood floors, etc.

What to do if you have water damage:

We have a page dedicated to water damage here: Cary North Carolina water damage. Please visit that page to see how our process works.

We work with all rooms in the home- not just the bathroom.

Here is a picture of a bathtub that we just finished:

bath tub

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